Acrealton Limited (Nigeria): from Global to Local Logistics Management

In-country Logistics encompasses an array of essential activities for trade including, ocean port & airport handling, customs clearance transport, warehousing, cargo consolidation, distribution, and payment systems. Competitive local logistics is a fundamental building block of trade and economic development, and more so in a complex country such as Nigeria, where logistics and infra-structural challenges are encountered at a frequent basis. Better logistics have a greater effect on trade promotion than tariff cuts. They lower prices for consumers and support diversification into higher value added exports. Global production chains also depend on a robust logistics sector, all the more so for the developing countries in Africa.

On a macro-economic level, transport and logistics infrastructure provides access to African consumer markets, connects raw materials to beneficiation markets in Europe, USA and the Far-East, promotes regional integration and ultimately, improves connectivity to the global economy. On a micro-economic – country level, transport and logistics infrastructure has a direct impact on a country’s handling capacity for imports and exports, distribution route development, the frequency of shipments and the cost for freight handling, storage, distribution and related services. All these factors affect how competitive a company can be within a market – particularly with regards to companies that are highly reliant upon efficient supply chain management, or strategic sourcing.

Acrealton Limited (Nigeria) Logistics assists customers to improve their in-country logistics management

Head-quartered in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, we aim to provide in-country logistics support services to customers, and as a result of experience of over one decade in Nigeria, can provide a vital local knowledge base, to you and your clients. We fully understand the unique local logistics challenges and subtly different regulations with which one has to comply with in the local infrastructure. Whether you are importing or exporting to or from Nigeria, or require domestic freight services, you will have access to our regional expertise, and proactive approach to knowledge-sharing and education, which will enable you to comply with all local laws and regulations.

Acrealton Limited (Nigeria)’s approach

When it comes to local logistics, we know that a sense of urgency matters to you. Our Port Harcourt based facilities enables you to get support and information you need, when you need it. We are aware that unforeseen events can occur when handling logistics into or within Africa. When you partner with us, you will be able to tap into our country-wide knowledge and local expertise to help you quickly understand the local issues, assess the alternatives, and solve the problem. Not only can you count on us to help you handle the unforeseen challenges, we shall also work with you to assess the impact of those challenges on the rest of your supply chain. After an evaluation by our customer support team, we will assist you in making the necessary adjustments to your supply chain to ensure that future in-country logistics operations will become less susceptible to those potential obstacles.