West-Africa and Nigeria Development

Undoubtedly, Nigeria and with it the West, East and central-African region has risen to prominence as an investment destination over the past few years fuelled by the growing demand for its consumer markets and its availability of vast raw materials and commodity resources. With the abundance of oil, gas, and mineral resources and significant opportunities for agricultural expansion, the role of transportation and logistics has taken on greater significance on moving resources off the continent or bringing goods and services into its emerging economies.

Conception to Consumption

Today’s markets are global, and events unfold at a breath-taking speed. Market participants, also in West-Africa, are faced with corresponding complex demands. In order to position themselves favorably and achieve success in global competition, companies need to coordinate the flow of materials and information as smoothly as possible. Acrealton Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions allow you to meet the challenges of the market, both now and in the future.

As an integrated provider of supply chain management services based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, we understand the complex nature of your supply chain, from Global Conception to Local Consumption.

The right solution for every requirement

Whether you deal with construction materials, highly sensitive medications, or humanitarian aid materials, we have the right SCM solution for every product and every customer. If necessary, we will create the solution you require. Our services and our many years of expertise will ensure that your shipments reach their destinations quickly and safely. With optimized delivery cycles, just-in-time solutions, and scalable infrastructures, we help you to keep your business processes flexible and prevent excessively large inventories and over, or under supply.

In our company we rely on a centralized approach to logistics. We coordinate all activities through a network of reliable local and international supply chain partners. Our goal is to achieve the optimal locational factors, service level, and transport costs.

Acrealton Limited (Nigeria) offers the following supply chain management services:

• Supply chain management solutions

• Fulfillment, including order management, order picking, and packaging

• End to End – Door to Door logistics services

• Value added logistics services such as local and international procurement services and spare-parts logistics

• Warehouse and transportation management services

• Just-in-time solutions and scalable infrastructures

• Coordination through a network of national, regional, and local partners

• Central marshaling yards / consolidation points in global locations.