The efficiency of our machines has stood the test of time. Recongnize for professional cargo handling and allied operations, we serve nothing but the best to enhance optimized operational support services and time management. Our forklift fleets ranges from the following:

16 TON, 12 TON, 10 TON, 7 TON, 3 TON etc.

We offer a tailor made hiring solution measured to your requirements, whether that’s one week hire or 4 year hire and anything in between.

Short term forklift truck hire

• Hours, Weeks and Months contracts

• Your trucks when required, ours when not.

• The hire rate includes ALL maintenance and servicing (excluding customer damage)

• No capital expenditure

• Ideal for meeting seasonal or peak demands

Long term forklift truck hire

• 1-4 year contracts and perpetual

• The longer the commitment, the more cost effective the hire rate

• New or used trucks available for hire

• Forklifts for any application and even bespoke trucks to meet specific needs.