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    It is the policy of Acrealton Limited that all our activities shall be carried out by Introducing ourselves first of all to any community we operate in manner that:

    Let the community know any benefits they may derive from our operations there

    Employment of qualified and semi-qualified youths of the community

    The healthy, safety and security of members of the host community shall be preserved.

    The negative impact on the host environment is extremely negligible, if not zero.

    Waste does not pollute the environment.

    Environmental damage, if it occurs, is rectified immediately and adequate steps taken to prevent reoccurrence.

    Community participation in the form of local labour is encourage; about 50% labour force are recruited from the operating Communities and Nearby environment.

    Community development projects are initiated and implemented accordingly.

    A community affair is a serious issue in the oil-rich Niger Delta of Nigeria. As an indigenous company, our involvement in the operations of multi-nationals tends to foster inter-relationships between the host communities and the operators.
    Chris K. Ikekhua Manager

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    Ensure that all Acrealton Limited employees are trained for any task they may be assigned to do

    Enhance commitment to safety and promote safety awareness among all categories of our staff and sub-contractor's staff

    No fatality of our staff, sub-contractor's staff or any third party involved in our operations

    No lost time injuries (LTI)

    Maintain ZERO Road Transport Accident (RTA) and Road Transport Incident


    Carryout daily near miss and unsafe condition audits

    Report all near misses to their supervisors and Manager

    Maintain ZERO fire accident

    Continuous training of personnel (to enhance awareness)

    Maintain Zero equipment damage

    Strict adherence to permit to work procedures

    Ensure that an employees believes cannot be carried out in accordance with the safety policy must be stopped and immediately reported to his supervisor.

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    All workers are to be certified medically fit before being employed and annually by a qualified medical doctor.

    Carry out inventory of illness causing absence from work

    Prevent injury to and preserve the health of its employees

    Complete health hazard identification list

    Upgrade operational Base accommodation standards

    Ensure that workers receive medical care in a well-equipped clinic managed by suitably qualified doctor and industrial nurses.

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    New Tech Policy:

    Acrealton Limited is committed to have a modern fleet of equipment. This will be achieved by continuous new building contracts signed with reputable shipyards.

    The ships will be:

    In compliance with applicable latest rules and regulations

    Efficient and economic


    Meeting clients' needs The Company developed new building procedures specified in the New Building Procedures in accordance with the above considerations.